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Hemp Fibre Resin Boats

Hemp Resin Fibre boats and canoes. WA designed and made. Minimal offcuts and wastage.

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Hemp Fibre Resin Boats

Hemp Resin Fibre boats and canoes. WA designed and made. Minimal offcuts and wastage.

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Hemp Fibre Boats brings together various aspects of the provision of engineering, professional and materiel services for the hemp building industry in Western Australia. Hemp Fibre  has grown from this environment.

Flat Pack Boats

The Flat Pack Concept technique has been in use at low volume for many years, largely in marine ply construction. These kits are to support home assembly by the purchaser, professional assembly, or otherwise to suit the purchaser and the support environment. 

The Mosman Canoe

River and ocean hemp resin fibre canoe. 17ft, 5.2 m with a single or double blade paddles. WA designed and made, with a capacity of 1 – 3 persons/paddlers.

The Herreshoff Swift Rowboat

This design will be offered in 2 length variants. The primary (17 ft) boat is intended for single person performance rowing (single sculls) and family use. The alternative length (14 ft) boat is offered for single person rowing (single sculls), and family use.

Why Hemp Boats?

There are so many environmental benefits of hemp boats. Hemp plants grow up to four times faster than other crops and are one of the most regenerative agriculture that requires fewer resources than many crops.

Hemp takes in high amounts of carbon dioxide. For every ton of crop, 1.6 tons of carbon is removed from the atmosphere.

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Peter Edmonds

Peter has been around boats since his school days. This led to a career in Naval Architecture, training and working in England, working in Sydney (10 years) and Perth (40 years). Much of this Perth time has been as a self-employed consultant, with extensive experience in GRP design and construction. Innovation has loomed large. 

A few years ago Peter became interested in industrial hemp, setting up Hemp Building Services WA as a design consultancy. This led to the current interest and the creation of Hemp Fibre Boats (HFB). The first HFB design release will be on the coming March conference.

Peter will be presenting at the 2021 Hemp Symposium on the 20th March

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