The Matilda Bay 14

Design Project

Length 14 ft  4.28 m

Beam 4 ft 6 in  1.36 m

Depth 1 ft 9 in  0.53 m

Rowing and sailing boat, hull round bilge. 2 or 4 oars. Hull mould  held by PE. 

Whitehall style boat, with design by Perth boatbuilder Brian Phillips. Mould and 1 boat built,  1993.

Original rig gaff cutter; later balance lug,

Boat to have centrecase, possible foredeck, thwarts, internal seating/buoyancy compartments.  Moulds will be created for these components, for economy of construction. 

A rowing/outboard configuration is under consideration. 

Production is on hold pending the sourcing of suitable low cost  laminating fibre.

This boat provided the initial concept and initiative for the development of hemp fibre reinforced resin for boatbuilding.

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