The Mosman 5.2 Canoe

Views from the arrangement drawing for the Mosman 5.2 canoe, showing the hull, thwarts and gunwale, and buoyancy compartments.

Length: 17 ft, 5.2 m

Beam: 35 in, 0.9 m

Depth: 13 in, 0.33 m

Lifting mass: (bare) 20 kg nom

1 – 3 persons/paddlers, single or double blade paddles.

Double chine stitch and glue in Resin-Panel flat pack panels, paint finish.

2 buoyancy compartments, 0.7 m^3 nominal.

The Mosman Canoe

River and ocean hemp resin fibre canoe. 17ft, 5.2 m with a single or double blade paddles. WA designed and made, with a capacity of 1 – 3 persons/paddlers.

The Herreshoff Swift Rowboat

This design will be offered in 2 length variants. The primary (17 ft) boat is intended for single person performance rowing (single sculls) and family use. The alternative length (14 ft) boat is offered for single person rowing (single sculls), and family use.

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